Every human being is a wayfarer looking for a bright future and comfort in their living standard. The rancor of life leaves none with an option sooner or later. I find a lot of people fatigued to achieve something achieved by someone else.

I would always argue to be more consummate of your own kind rather than imitating somebody else. It is not a matter of hostility to look into yourself as a different being and the sole purpose of your life can be something completely different from the existing walks of life. It is not necessary to be stern to yourself for whatever pursuits you are looking for especially the ones you are inept at.

You should always proscribe the thoughts that tend to make you more and more someone else than your true self. At times, we cannot accept the fact that we are ones with protean talent. The social stigma that questions the multidisciplinary people and actions will drag you down to where they are.

The knowledge of people at times is very facile and the ones questioning you may not exactly know who you are and what you are unto. They may be facetious frequently over your grave issues. Also, you may find people who are presumptuous and forget their limitations. And, we are docile to those allegations put on us.

Like every other creature in the universe, there is nothing furtive about the way of human life i.e. the way of happiness. It would be stupidity on your part to let things happen the other way unless it is illegal. It is an act of stultifying and treachery to nobody else but yourself. You are meant to meet the nadir of your life precipitously.

Creating something new and great is always a cumbersome task and you may be provoked to go for a comfortable way out of this labyrinth, a felony committed against us willfully. It is better to sedate and wait for the right moment of time to cherish the best version of you else you may be regressive. This is not something figurative, this is objective and is an inevitable part of life. You can contrive the best for yourself at times but, this may not be the best option for the ones who love spontaneity.

I insist to not go for something that is salutary in someone else’s perspective but to find your way lenses. It is also common to find utilitarian people who ask you to be earthy and sensible. Let me tell you, a path yet to be made is not visible to anyone, it is up to you to either make a new one or follow the ones made by someone else.

There is nothing covert about passion and determination. Your reticence would mean an endless continuity of life that you do not want to live and that too with indignation.

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