The horrid decision of TU administration to take exam amidst the corona crisis and undoing it, has been a ‘Psychological musical chair’ for students.

– Ashish Dhakal

It has been over 4 months since the time TU exams were halted. However, stakeholders still react as if a search for an alternative is an ‘impromptu’. A meticulous google search will let us know countless alternatives to traditional methods of exam-taking. I wonder how the people on top could have solace in being so much indecisive when examples are already within the nation (Kathmandu University).

Everyone has freedom of discretion and so do the stakeholders. However, their clinging to the prudence can now be called a ‘tumult’ that enervates. They have been barefaced and have been looking to elude out of this crisis. There is no sign of much concern towards prioritizing problem-solving taking the psychological aspect of students into account.

Students are full of resentment. The horrid decision of TU administration to take exam amidst the corona crisis and undoing it, has been a ‘Psychological musical chair’ for students. Should TU be proud of its gallantry? The so-called ‘Best University’ of the country has zero compliance and is disposed to conventional ways. In the current scenario, the scheme to stick to the paper-based exam by maintaining physical distance is psychological extortion for students.

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The people riding the chaise must know when to insist and when to stop lest an accident is inevitable. Educational pundits seem to lack benevolence and empathy. The solicitude of the university has never been with the students. The consistent indifference over the alternatives citing the reasons for lack of necessary resources is a lazy act of a top-notch institution. The impertinence over the major leaders of the process has grown and may lead to an educational revolution if things are not checked in time.

The Vice-chancellor (VC) has an opportunity to be a “Noble mian” and display good breeding. Most of the people around the VC have portrayed alternative analysis as an unassailable task. He has to be a prognostic one and consider the student’s concern as a significant one. A decision to shift the education system would be esteemed and would erase the odious feeling among students. This situation is not ‘a blot’ but ‘a boat’ to help us before we are drowned.

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Amid all the expostulation to the university, students have failed in playing their part to vouch for an alternative. The change of success is high if we are laconic in terms of selecting our alternatives. Every alternative will be an unfair business to some of the students, but we have to agree that 100% agreement on one particular is hypothetical. The atonement has to come with the collective effort and solemnity.

Isn’t it incumbent for TU to give the student a moment of tranquility after all these months? Rather than acting in a barbarous manner over the exam issue, a timely action to erase the traces of biasedness among universities in Nepal should be the number one thing on the to-do list of things. Is not this the time for the Professors and lectures to standing up for their fellow students? When will the teaching professionals take this issue gravely? Students are being pushed to the extremities of their forbearance. They are disconcerted and full of vexation. With a clear sight of pandemic uncertainty, why are we still dawdling?

Various groups of students have entreated TU Administration but digression from the main issue of searching for an alternative is equally evident. The response given to the students is threadbare or clichéd. The veracity of the TU administration is under continuous test. The fiasco may not be in entirety but mostly is because of the conjecture of the decision-makers. TU has its surmises to deal with before going any further into problem-solving.

It is the need of time to be expedient on TU’s part rather than being incredulous in the eyes of students. Frequent change in decisions over exams has done nothing but added a sharp pang of guilt to the fellow students. As per the information relayed by Gyan Thapa, Deputy Dean of Institute of Engineering, TU was not able to go through with the alternatives citing reasons for the lack of necessary preparations and to maintain homogeneity across the institutes and faculties. Is this to say that we either die together or live together? Why can’t we have a few chunks before having a buffet lunch?  Well after that being said, it is disheartening to learn that they had nothing to do all these months.

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I am not an education expert on the issue. However, I would advocate the use of multiple versions of evaluation in order to help the majority of the student in some way. For instance, someone without access to the internet may not be able to take exams online but, it may be somehow possible to submit a case study or an assignment within a given time frame. Likewise, the idea of ‘home centers’ can help in the areas where the pandemic situation is eased or the number of corona cases is nominal. In addition, in the case of those students with the proximity to victims or being victims themselves, proper provisions have to be made after they get rid of the virus. Also, a certain share of internal assessment (in case of semester exams) can be taken as a basis of evaluation to ease the process.

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So, be it expensive, be it controversial, be it deigning for TU,  be it an unorthodox way, TU has to understand that it is not easy to shift the mental framework like shifting the exam deadlines.

– Ashish Dhakal

Of course, the question of the financial requirements will be raised. But, I want to question in return, are we going to stay like this forever? When would be the right time to go for alternatives? Does TU has such a ‘Plan B’ with a deadline to go with alternatives? Whatever, the answers are, we no longer have an option to sit for a physically distanced exam in the near future, not for 3-4 months from now. So, be it expensive, be it controversial, be it deigning for TU,  be it an unorthodox way, TU has to understand that it is not easy to shift the mental framework like shifting the exam deadlines. The situation is worsening once again with the rapid rise in the number of Corona infected patients. I want to seriously question the propriety of the officials and the feeling of wretchedness has gone past the limits.

In a nutshell, I insist our way to a change in exam-taking procedures will be a laudable one, it may be an assiduous task to undertake but not a futile. Let the professors and teachers take their stand for the students as an act of prudence and acquiescence. And, TU should not hesitate to ask for a collaboration with KU if needed, we have no room for conceit but for slyness.

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